Youth Running Series

The Youth Running Series (YRS) will provide the youth of Prince Edward Island an opportunity to engage in running at all levels as a means to a healthy and active lifestyle. 

COVID-19 Operational Plan

  1. On-line registration only. No same day registration or cash. Pre-registration will be required prior to each race.You will be asked to provide a name and phone number for contact tracing if required.
  2. Post-race snacks will be individually wrapped and participation ribbon will be included in package.
  3. Staggered start times every 20 minutes for each age group.
  4. We ask that you not arrive any earlier than 10 minutes before race time. If you have children running in different age categories, please maintain physical distancing between races.
  5. Race participants will be separated at the start line to maintain physical distancing. Physical distancing among participants is to be maintained as much as possible, except for brief exchanges where they cannot be avoided.
  6. Families to limit the number of spectators to one parent/guardian per racer.
  7. No more than 50 people on site per race (including racers, volunteers and spectators)
  8. Parents are advised not to take their children to races if they are experiencing cough, runny nose, or fever.
  9. Continue to allow the virtual runs to happen in lieu of in-person events
  10. Hand sanitizer to be available at start/finish line.
Mount Stewart River Run Turkey Trot
Monday October 9th at 9:30 AM
Mount Stewart Consolidated School